Ontarians want clean, affordable electricity, and to protect the environment for future generations. Nuclear generation is important because it is reliable, cost-effective and GHG-free. Ontario has safely operated nuclear power plants for over 40 years.

Bruce Power’s nuclear generating station currently provides about 30% of Ontario’s electricity. The Long- Term Energy Plan is a road map setting out the direction for Ontario’s energy future for the next 20 years. The Plan includes a review of the province’s fuels sector and the supply of fuels such as Oil, Gasoline, Propane and Natural Gas. To Support Ontario’s need for electricity from 2013 to 2040, the first Bruce unit will start being refurbished in 2020. The units at Bruce, will ensure Ontario has affordable, reliable and GHG-free baseload generation. All money invested in the units 3-8 will come from the owners of Bruce and not the government.

Securing the long-term future of the Bruce site will create or sustain 22,000 direct and indirect jobs annually across Ontario, and inject $4 billion into the province’s economy through the direct and indirect spending on operational equipment, supplies, materials and labour income.

Help secure the long-term future of the Bruce site in the next Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) by signing this Petition.

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