On November 1st , 2016 the PHAI Management Office (PHAI MO), through a partnership between Natural Resources Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories began transporting the low-level radioactive waste from Port Granby, to a new long–term state of the art management facility for safe storage.

The low-level radioactive waste, which is no longer produced resulted from Radium and Uranium refining by former federal crown corporation (Eldorado Nuclear) and its private-sector predecessors from the 1930s to 1980.

The Clean Up:
The trucks transporting the waste will travel through a vehicle portal and weigh station, which track the waste volumes and measure radiation. The trucks then follow the internal haul road through the Lake Shore Rd underpass to the new long-term management facility where the waste was placed in the highly engineered above ground mound for long-term storage. After this the mounds cover system will be constructed, some are expected to be in 2021.

The above ground mound at Port Granby
• Approximately 2 hectares in area and 10 metres high.
• Have linings and will be capped with multiple layers.
• Will be monitored and will have leachate collection systems, (expected to be required for 25 years or less.)
• Eventually will be safe enough for public use.