Client FAQs

Where do you find your candidates?

Team Cronos uses a number of resources to identify and connect with the best of the industry. We are constantly networking with industry constituents. Many of our candidates are recruited directly from other competitive environments. Candidates are also found within our large internal database or from postings, while others are discovered via direct referrals by industry professionals. Our slogan answers it best: It’s what we know. It’s who we know. Get connected at Cronos.

Why should I work with Team Cronos? What can a niche player offer that a larger agency can’t?

Our business is recruiting within the engineering and science communities. This allows us to be both exceptionally focused and disciplined within our market sectors. Also, many of our consultants have engineering and science backgrounds which allow them an intimate understanding of each candidate and client we engage with. 

I need to fill a high profile position. Is Team Cronos able to conduct highly confidential searches?

In a word, yes. Team Cronos consultants live by the philosophy of leading with integrity, imagination and impact. For our clients, this means that we provide search expertise within our niche engineering and science sectors. Team Cronos recruitment specialists provide professional, confidential representation and strive to minimize the risk to both candidates and clients. Your information will be held in the strictest trust and all candidate interaction is performed with your confidence in mind. Please read our privacy policy to learn more.

Is Team Cronos able to place people internationally?

Yes. Our network extends around the globe. Team Cronos works within an international marketplace across Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

What value does Team Cronos bring to the recruitment process?

We understand that many of our clients want to conduct their own searches. However, many of the thousands of talented engineers and scientists in our database are not actively looking for work – nor would they feel comfortable exposing their current positions by forwarding their resumes on their own. We help bridge that gap, making connections that would not otherwise be possible. Our consultants only put forward those individuals who are excellent at what they do, ensuring the right fit between candidate and client. And because Team Cronos consultants are perpetually connecting with talented individuals across the country, we are able to bring our clients an inside knowledge of industry trends without jeopardizing the confidentiality of our candidates.