Position Summary : Equipment Reliability Integration

Location : Tiverton

Duration : 3 Year Contract

The Engineer Shall:·

  • Provide governance and oversight for activities within the Smart Signal Program in support of condition monitoring of required equipment for all facilities.
  • Administer Smart Signal specific databases and software (Sentinel, Asset centre, Blueprint, Gatekeeper, Connection Centre, etc). This would include arranging for software and hardware upgrades as appropriate as well as administrating a contract with external vendor. Maintaining various models with appropriate maintenance (data training, etc).
  • Review Advisories identified by Smart Signal to ensure there are legitimate issues (elimination of false-positives or nuisance advisories that reflect inaccuracies in the predictive models, rather than equipment or system deficiencies).
  • Reach out to RSEs and equipment owners regarding legitimate advisors and assist in analysis and troubleshooting of equipment problems.
  • Develop, maintain, communicate and advocate for Smart Signal Program bi-weekly metrics, Health report and related procedures.
  • Identify and Investigate opportunities to expand the monitoring coverage of the Smart Signal Program. As well as take requests from RSE/RCEs for additional monitoring development and/or improvement.
  • Routinely visit RSE/RCEs to ensure a healthy relationship is maintained with the Smart Signal Program owner and that monitoring issues are promptly resolved.
  • Gather Smart Signal Technology successes (catches/saves prior to failure) for analysis and communication at large as warranted.
  • Recommend required additional Plant Information (PI) inputs from field equipment to facilitate additional monitoring.
  • Investigate new Smart Signal technology and methods of application which would enable O&M cost reduction and increase system and component reliability. This includes OE, EPRI, INPO projects and programs for potential application.
  • Identify program budget and contract needs to sustain the program.· Participate in industry Advance Pattern Recognition User Groups, to further develop and optimize of the Bruce Power’s Smart Signal program.
  • Prepare and communicate their Smart Signal Program Health Report.
  • Escalate concerns (e.g. risk logs) when work is not progressing according to program requirements, or when corrective action on a degraded component is emergent.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction/expectations and take appropriate corrective actions.

Education and Experience:

  • Requires a knowledge of physics, chemistry, metallurgy, mathematics, electricity, engineering and economics to technically understand the operation of the facility.
  • Requires advanced knowledge of one or more of these subjects to evaluate and propose improvements to processes, equipment or to unit safety, reliability and performance.
  • Requires a knowledge of English in order to prepare clear and concise reports and recommendations both verbally and in writing.
  • Requires experience to solve problems, to provide advice and guidance, to initiate developmental studies and to make recommendations during the design, commissioning and operation of a nuclear facility; to evaluate components or materials, and to perform economic studies and evaluations associated with the design, commissioning and operation of a nuclear facility.
  • A period of over 6 years and up to and including 8 years experience is considered necessary.