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Position Summary:  Technical Advisor
Location :  Tiverton , ON
Duration :  1 Year  Contract + ( likely to be extended) 
Provide technical expertise, analysis and assessment for nuclear plant engineering and operations in assigned areas of responsibilities. 
Provide guidance to department staff on technical issues. Carry out the standard accountabilities of the Technical Advisor by providing technical direction as described in one or more of the following role documents: 
Support the Manager to discharge his/her accountabilities by providing technical advice regarding documentation of the boundaries of safe operation of the station. 
Assist the Manager with the definition and documentation of the Safe Operating Envelope by providing expert knowledge of station systems, station operating practices and of the interactions among station nuclear safety, systems engineering, operations and maintenance organizations.
Participate in the development of the scope, objectives and milestones of the SOEP. 
Assist in the preparation of regular progress reports.
Work with the stations to define appropriate compliance requirements/procedures for operating within the boundaries of the SOE. 
Extract and consolidate key information from stations required for the definition of SOE. 
Assist with the preparation of SOE and Operability Limits, including corrective actions, recovery times and surveillance requirements. 
Coordinate with other engineering departments accountable for preparing inspection programs to ensure that FCIMD has the required equipment, staff qualifications, and demonstrated performance to meet the specified program. 
Represent FCIMD on CSA and technical committees and advise the Manager FCIMD on any changing requirements. 
Communicate with R&D groups and external utilities/agencies, and identify emerging issues. 
Develop and prepare an integrated equipment strategy and plan to ensure FCIMD has the necessary techniques to meet the long-term need of Nuclear.
Identify any R&D required and prepare work packages to be implemented by others. 
Identify risks in inspection programs and advise the Manager FCIMD on strategies to mitigate risks. 
Review business case summaries for compliance with equipment and performance demonstration strategies. 
Identify and plan any new certification / qualification requirements for inspection staff. 
Review the standards for performance demonstration with internal and external organizations. 
Develop a generic performance demonstration program, communicate/train department staff, and monitor the program implementation.