Resume Tips

Team Cronos Resume Tips For A Rapid Response

Your resume should be both a business document and a marketing tool. We review thousands of resumes each year and we know what employers value most. We also understand the mechanics of what works and what doesn’t. Here are 10 tips to help you get a rapid response on your next resume submission.

  1. Design your resume to generate a response.
  2. Remember the nuts and bolts of good business writing: be clear, credible and well structured.
  3. You are your own brand. Be clear about what makes you unique and how those qualities will benefit your next employer.
  4. Start with a profile rather than an objective.
  5. Be authentic, specific and genuine, and stay away from clichés.
  6. Chronology counts! Employers think in terms of time as opposed to functional abilities.
  7. As with all things in life, less is sometimes more. Be specific and concise about your duties, projects and accomplishments.
  8. State what you did and for whom as well as when you did it.
  9. Accomplishments versus responsibilities – quantify and qualify your success with specific examples.
  10. Show some personality – you’ll be remembered.