Cronos Turnkey Teams™
Project Specific Deployment

Your Needs

Cronos excels in finding the right candidate for your company. But sometimes you need more than one or two people: you need an eclectic team of dedicated professionals. And usually, you need them right away.

Our Solution

Turnkey Teams by Cronos are meticulously designed to meet your objective and timeline. They are project-specific teams assembled for critical and strategic project delivery. Ready to contribute almost immediately, each team member is carefully selected from the very best of our global talent pool.

Current Business Advantage

Turnkey Teams let you meet existing business challenges head-on. This includes new projects requiring quick action, in-process projects with an immediate need for additional staff, and crisis management situations that fall beyond the scope of your current resources.

Turnkey Team Deployment

Recruiting your Turnkey Team begins with understanding your needs. In close collaboration with you, we assess your project’s requirements and map out a team structure as pictured below.

Once your team structure is determined, recruitment shifts into high gear to secure your Turnkey Team with optimal results.

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