About Team Cronos

Founded in 2000, Team Cronos began as a niche engineering and science search firm focused on the consulting engineering, mining and energy industries. We quickly evolved into new practice sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy and synergistic areas. We have a history of going where the need for skilled talent is the greatest. We have built a reputation for headhunting for specialized roles.

In 2005, we added payroll services to our recruitment business and offered contractor payroll services, which saw us grow yet again. In 2014, we launched a new and related division specifically for payroll and administrative processing.  This is an exciting venture given the global interest in Canadian talent working remotely. Cronos Payroll Services focuses on payroll services for companies hiring remote workers, consultants, and contractors to work in Canada. We continue to evolve our business and remain focused on the excellent customer service and knowledge for which we are known.

Team Cronos Recruiting

At Team Cronos, every client and candidate is unique and we strive to treat each one with the respect and individual attention that they deserve. Because your success is our success, and this credo is reflected in our work.

Our knowledge of the industries we serve comes from years of hard work and dedication. It is this measure of experience that allows us to recognize the kind of people it takes to succeed. And it is a mark of success achieved through diligent focus on the sectors we know best.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Power Generation


Consulting Engineering

Infrastructure (Transportation, Water, Energy)

Environmental & Petrochemical

IT & Technology


Our technique is twofold. It involves comprehensive canvassing of potential talent, and entails a thorough understanding of the clients and industries we serve, inclusive of current and future needs. We integrate these elements to connect candidates with clients quickly, accurately and professionally. From permanent placements, to contract staffing, to assembling a project specific team, each Cronos candidate is carefully screened prior to formal introductions.

Our vision is broad, and our mission is simple: to find the best possible candidate, every time.

We know you can’t do your job until we’ve done ours.